Technologies that influenced fashion

Video source: Chalayan Spring/Summer 2000 Before Minus Now | Chalayan, Hussein Chalayan Autumn Winter 2000 | Messechina Music

Dress that responds as others breathe — Ying Gao, 2011

Video Source: Walking City dresses by Ying Gao 2 | Dezeen

TshirtOS makes a shirt hug you via text message - Cute Circuit, 2012

Video Source: tshirtOS — The world’s first programmable t-shirt | Ballantine’s

Google glasses made their catwalk debut — Diane Von Furstenberg, 2012

Image Source: Google exec: Here’s where Glass went wrong

Biker’s SEIL Bag signals traffic signs - leemyungsu design lab, 2013

Video Source: SEIL bag by leemyungsu design lab | leemyungsudesign

Dress that responds with your camera — Ying Gao, 2013

\Video Source: playtime by ying gao : 2 interactive dresses

Dresses respond when you are gazed - Ying Gao, 2013

Image Source: (No)where (Now)here: Two Gaze-activated Dresses by Ying Gao | dezeen

Bra that knows how women truly feel - Rhizomatiks, 2014

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET (Image source: Bust lock-down: Bra only unhooks for love, true love)

Smart threads that could save lives - Shima Seiki Haute Technology Laboratory, 2014

Video Source: These smart threads could save lives — Science Nation

Dress that undulates as long as you can keep your face neutral — Ying Gao, 2016

Video Source: neutralité : can’t and won’t. facial expression recognition system embedded clothing — ying gao

Dress that animates responding to strangers — Ying Gao, 2017

Video Source: Ying Gao’s dresses become animated in the presence of strangers | Dezeen

Jumpsuit that vibrates and lights up based on the asteroids around the earth — Wearable Media, 2018

Video Source: This suit vibrates when asteroids near Earth

Smart jacket — JACQUARD, 2018

Video Source: Project Jacquard: Levi’s smart jacket first look | The Verge

Sneakers that fit your feet when you put them on — Nike, 2019

Image Source: Breaking Down the Nike Adapt BB | Nike





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